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Discgolf-Guide für Anfänger:innen und Fortgeschrittene, die an sich arbeiten und ihr Spiel verbessern wollen. Das vollfarbig illustrierte Buch hilft Dir, schnell die richtigen Discgolf-Techniken zu lernen.
The book is focused mainly on disc golf technique and teaching the basics on which professional technique is possible to build. If you are new to disc golf, or you´ve played for a while and would like to continue to build your skills, you will find some great tips in this guide.
Each movement is described with the help of a number of easy-to-understand illustrations.
As the book focuses on technique, you will not find information about the rules, disc golf ethics or the history of the sport.
The book covers these topics:
Backhand – power grip, standstill, execution of the throw, training, hyzer / anhyzer, weight shift, X-step, Q&A
Forehand – power grip, standstill, execution of the throw, hyzer / anhyzer, training, Q&A
Approach – fan grip, execution of the throw for backhand and forehand, training
Putting – grip, stance, execution of the throw for staggered-stance and straddle putts, training, Q&A
Mindset – basic principles of mindset, how to prepare your mind for a tournament and how to train your mindset
Disc flight characteristics – what the numbers on the disc mean and what discs to use in different situations
Playing in the wind – how the flight path of a disc is affected by the wind and which disc to use in different wind situations
In addition, a comic story will guide you through the entire book. You may even recognize yourself as the main character :)
The book is designed so that you can take it on the course with you and reference it as you practice.
That´s why it´s made of a more durable material than other books.

Zix Komix

Zix Komix ist ein tschechisches Unternehmen, das ein hervorragendes Discgolf-Lehrbuch in Tschechisch auf den Markt gebracht hat. Mit Oktober 2022 kam die auf Englisch übersetzte Version auf den Markt.