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Pro Chemical & Dye | Neon Colors Dye Kit
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"NEON Colors Disc Golf Dyeing Kit" contains 6 - Jars of Intense, beautiful colors that are UV. This Kit has been designed exclusively for Disc Golf Dyers

1 oz. DGD101 Neon Lemon Zest
1 oz. DGD201 Neon Hot Orange
1 oz. DGD301 Fluorescent Pink (Highlighter Lt. Pink)
1 oz. DGD388 Neon Cerise Pink (Intense Magenta Pink)
1 oz. DGD700 Neon Key Lime
1 oz. DGD888 Neon Royal Purple (slight UV effect)

All colors in our kits are pre-selected in-house. Colors cannot be substituted.

PLEASE NOTE: The DYE COLOR Swatches on the Disc Dye Page is what we achieved after Lotion Testing for 24 hours. When doing any other technique, shades will vary! Also, please note that all computer and phone color settings can vary.

Pro Chemical & Dye

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